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Bakugan: Defenders Of The Core

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Bakugan: Defenders Of The Core

Beitrag von Gameoptimierer am Fr März 18, 2011 3:06 am

Cheat Codes:
To enable cheat mode, navigate to "Main Menu" > "Collection" >
"Unlock Codes", then enter "HXV6Y7BF". Then, enter one of the following
codes to activate the corresponding cheat:

10 Vexos Passes - YJ7RGG7WGZ
10,000 Core Energy - 82D77YK6P8
Earthen Armor - YQLHBBSMDC
Fire Spirit - TD4UMFSRW3
Light Arrow - 2FKRRMNCDQ
Tornado Vortex - HUUH8ST7AR
Water Pillar - JJUZDEACXX
Zorch Thunder - QY8CLD5NJE

Ability cards:
Unlock the following cards by performing the corresponding tasks:

All ability cards for Evolved Resistance Bakugan and Maxus Drago - Complete the game twice.
All ability cards for Vexos Bakugan - Complete the game.
All ability cards for Non-evolved Resistance Bakugan - Complete the game.


Bronze trophies
We Feet - Follow Dan's instructions.
First Encounter - Save Dan and Marucho.
One Down... - Destroy a Vexos crystal in Story Mode.
Illusionist - Build a hologram tower.
Treasure Hunter - Get ten items from item boxes.
Good Aim - Throw your Bakugan to get an item.
D-Fence - Deflect an opponent's physical attack 5 times in a single battle.
Denied! - Do ten combo breakers in a single battle.
Power Hungry - Pick up all three power-up types in a single battle.
B Student - Get B rank or higher in six Story Mode battles.
1-Up - Purchase an upgrade for a Bakugan.
Duel Master - Win five duels against the CPU in Battle Arena Mode
One Man Army - Obtain 250 or more points in a Battle Arena Free For All.
Wrecking Ball - Obtain 500 or more points in a Battle Arena Destruction Battle.
Kidnapped! - Save Elfin from Shadow.
Mr. Crazypants - Invent hologram towers and use them to beat the Vexos.
Distrust - Join forces with Ace.
Mr. Hotshot Himself - Save Percival from Volt.
Master Baron - Save Ingram and Nemus from Lync.
Misunderstanding - Don't get fooled by Mylene's tricks.
Don't Cross Drago - Stop the kidnappers and get Wilda back.
Unnatural Disaster - Defeat Lync and stop the earthquakes.
Digging in the Right Place - Get to Abyss before the Vexos.
Spec-Dah - Defeat your ultimate foe and pay the ultimate price.
A Reason to Fight - Defeat Spectra's right-hand man.
There's No I in Team - Defeat Volt and Lync at the same time.
Friendship - Defeat Mylene and Shadow at the same time.
Into the Lion's Den - Find a way into Vexos Headquarters.

Silver trophies
Hologram Tycoon - Build a hologram tower of each attribute.
Collector - Earn 100,000 in core energy.
Untouchable - Do ten perfect combo breakers in a single battle.
Black Belt - Do all combos on a Bakugan's Combo List in a single battle.
Gran Master - Do twenty or more hits in a single combo.
Gate Card Set - Open each type of Gate card at least once.
Honor Roll - Get A rank or higher in twelve Story Mode battles.
Six-Pack - Purchase all upgrades for six different Bakugan.
Champion! - Win 30 times against the CPU in Battle Arena Mode.
So Many Choices - Unlock every Bakugan in the game.
Full Deck - Get every Ability card in the game.
Go Figure - Collect every metal figure in the game.
Reunited - Rescue your friend at any cost.
Defender of the Core - Defeat Spectra and stop his evil plans.

Gold trophies
Perfection - Get S rank in every Story Mode battle.
Long Hard Road - Purchase all upgrades for all Bakugan.

Platinum trophy
Bakugan Master - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.


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